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The Bay


On this cool mystery morning

on a rise after the rain

Might be you’re the last one standing

soundless these moments remain

Forest life force bounty

breathe in take a full step in view

Mother Earth songs calling

let their melody rest within you







After long absence I return

to this terrace

Softness drips from last night’s rain

Birdsong rises from cedars and red maples

Wind sings praise to the floating world

I sit again among fat brown spiders

Still afraid

but it is they who knew me first

Bare Windows


I look out upon the landscape

broken hearts lay everywhere

no covers on these windows

no shades no shelter from harsh mouthed mothers of opinion

no words of wisdom or compassion too few hands to care

but I hear night stars still tell wonder stories

and if we listen they will shine our fears away

when we feel lost or sad or lonely

when we’re tossed into chaos winds of if only

silent stars are rising up to guide the way