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into amber light

butterfly while I stumble

ready from deep woods





‪You hold your breath‬

‪watching for how long‬

‪a raindrop can keep‬

‪holding on‬

‪then you hear a sound‬

‪and turn to see‬

‪a curious small bird‬

‪watching you from a tree‬



Deer signals begin at dusk with forest edge foot stomp

left right (accented) wait. Observe repeat

Moon hides herself from watchers’ sight

White horse fly dances deking sundogs at play

rides rides all through a moonless starless night

We crouch between stones amid tall fragrant grasses

Witnesses: shadow exchanges of grace and wisdom.

Our bleeding feet tap a steady heartbeat rhythm

marking what it is words cannot convey

This day this day old dawn breaks away

Moonhorse returns this time to stay.