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‪itchi-go itchi-e‬

‪these present moments‬

‪precious fleeting‬

‪as are we‬


You Belong Here


How do you think I know?

the Universe makes no mistakes

it’s true some doubt it

will try so hard to convince you test you

push you rile you accuse you scorn you abuse you

you may elevate and watch this poverty

unravel roll out slither from a sorry sack of ill intent

still it ought not move you undo you hurt you

well maybe scratch a little— you are human and will remain

but you your person your value your beauty your presence

cannot be diminished vaporized erased desensitized put out

You arrived

We met yesterday or today

We will meet again tomorrow

I see you there standing in your place your still slightly bewildered face

Your shining bright light full on but flickering adjusting unsteady

Tell me your name again so I can repeat it write it on our Human Sky

for all to see as they come to look for their own reasons

to befriend or dis or welcome or whisper or ask you out loud

why you are not what they expected

You arrived because it’s time and this is the place the right one your place

You belong here. We all do.


One of These Days

One of these days

you’ll see you’ll see

Civility will


It will be cool again

to smile

to say hello

welcome you stranger
One of these days

you’ll see you’ll see

Love will


It will be cool again

to reach

to say alright

take my hand
One of these days

you’ll see you’ll see

Humility will


It will be cool again

to surrender

to say everything

with open minds
One of these days

you’ll see you’ll see

Honesty will


It will be cool again

to aspire

to say quality

reflects the light
One of these days

you’ll see you’ll see

Possibility will


It will be cool again

to imagine

to say knowledge

belongs to everyone
One of these days

you’ll see you’ll see

Greatness will


It will be cool again

to understand

to say yes

everyone here belongs



Who are you

What song are you singing

What is your circumstance

Why do you look so—

Why are you alone

Where is your mother

Who is your father

Who cares for you

Does anyone

What is your name

Why does your face draw me so

Why do you follow me

Why can’t I walk away

Why can’t I forget you

Why can’t I let you go

I hold you

I comfort

I take your small hands

in mine

I call you Marley

I whisper your name

comfort language

I feed you

I clothe your torn body

Warm your small heart

fill in the shattered parts

slow soft

words love story song

I walk with your independence

You lift me from blind gutter

We dance in the starlight

Your touch lighter

no longer dangerous

deliberate caution

emergent awareness



I am satisfied

I can release you

to the world