‪More Art, less‬

‪More Music, less‬

‪More Love, less‬

‪More Laughter, less‬

‪More Generosity, less‬

‪More Compassion, less‬

‪More Understanding, less‬

‪More Curiosity, less‬

‪More Peace, less‬

‪More Cooperation, less‬

‪More Kindness, less‬

‪More Listening, less‬

‪More Gratitude, less‬

‪More Respect, less

More Friendship, less

More Hope, less

More Consideration, less

More Joy, less

More Courage, less

More Welcoming,

More Light, less

More Discourse, less

More Truth, less

More Life, less

More Sharing, less

More Hello, less…



‪You hold your breath‬

‪watching for how long‬

‪a raindrop can keep‬

‪holding on‬

‪then you hear a sound‬

‪and turn to see‬

‪a curious small bird‬

‪watching you from a tree‬

Some of Us


‪Some of us know‬
‪we’re the silent kind‬
‪we’re the quiet sliders‬
‪along shadowed walls‬
‪among the many‬
‪stealth between‬
‪roiling raging cacophony‬
‪Some of us know‬
‪we’re not the Other‬
‪there is no Other‬
‪there’s forever only‬
‪life lines of lonely‬
‪You and‬

Pencil on paper. Images arise. Message received.

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