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Dear Child


Dear Child,

You look to me

with clear trusting eyes

believing with your infant mind heart soul

in the blood between your bones

I am wisdom strength and bold

all answers to all questions I hold

and one day soon

I will gift all clarity

to you.




If you listen

you can hear it soft in the distance

a harp or a flutter of wings

song of wind against fragile leaves

whisper of velvet rain in trees

light as breath

clear as waterdrops

of icicles in spring.


Maybe a thousand years from now

when no one knows my name

the one who finds the note I write

slipped between these silent walls tonight

will know this was once my house

surrounded by these tall pine woods

where I wandered with wild lilies, spring roses, and butterflies

where I stood looking up to wide open starry skies

talking with the moon

where I lit candles in empty rooms

And I photographed my cat

who sat waiting patiently near the door

so she wouldn’t be left behind.


Mother I

was born in silence

gifted pura vida privilege

granted rhythm in breath

equal parts fragility, wonder,

and free will

I was born to contemplation

on a dark night in winter

Born with faith and with patience

to trust the inspiration of spring

To the sound of ripple waters

forever flowing

To the sight of mystic mountains

rising from your depthless core

In the shade of the willow

I lie still in blue-eyed grasses

while the grace of the mischief moon

renews again and again

my unwavering allegiance

my fiercely peaceful protection

my quiet whispered defence of

my forever love

for you.



He is right.


When they return

from their journey

the flowers

so fresh so fragrant so vibrant

when she bought them


one day before they left—

Now he reminds her of

her folly.

There he says

Your flowers are withered

Your money wasted

Your flowers dead.

She stands next

to the table silent

Then takes all but one of her flowers away

Yes you are right, just this one remains

But better flowers

were present at all

Better with flowers around

even if only for a single

colourful fresh fragrant vibrant day

I will remember their presence well

for beauty lingers

and even when this last one fades

beauty taken in never goes away.