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I got a little wire in my soul

helps me believe I’ll never grow cold

When I falter I feel a gentle jolt

I got a little wire in my soul

I can’t see it and nor can you

Pretty sure it’s hot electric blue

Keeps me learning always something new

I got a wire in my soul.



Canyon Song


Ah beautiful places

where we come

risk our lives as though

we’re gifted more

than just this precious one

icy water’s cold

reflects a wide eye blue

summer serene sky

swallowing our breath

a final anti hero cry

mighty river song barely a ripple

flows on by


Empty Pages


Fill up all the empty pages

can’t seem to say what I want to say

all those phrases empty spaces

between me and a better way

I draw close to pen and paper so word wary

no resonance no rhythm no meaning necessary

I can’t dance

I can’t sing

I can’t wrestle this night train down

I can’t keep this beat

up time in my mind

Listen to the distant howling

is that a watcher in the wood?

Raise a wave for the black bird flying high

It is impossible to reach there

but I’m still going to try

And bird rides straight on through blood red sky